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Public Relations

PR, marketing and communications services will enable your voice to be heard and understood by customers and key stakeholders. Using expertise, industry knowledge and networks to create bespoke and effective marketing strategies,  you'll reach the right audience, gain required outcomes and ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Project Management and Design Services

A very personalised service is offered with the application of proven methodologies in project management. Design services are also provided for small businesses, charities and start ups.

Each business initiative or enterprise is unique and should be treated that way. Good relationships with clients are a big part of the consultancy's success. Working with clients should be positive, fun and focused. Delivering great results and added value is a priority so, wherever you are and whatever line of business you’re in, understanding what you want is key.  It's about working very hard to get to know you, your business, researching competitors and customers to get the best results. Telephone or email to discuss your requirements!

Online Marketing Services

We cannot underestimate what great media relations and well-crafted content appearing on media channels can do for brand recognition. A strategic digital media approach offered will help build brand recognition, drive sales and get your market talking about you.


Communication (both external and internal) is critical to a company’s success. The success of  PR and communication strategies often start with the internal workings of a business and how information is disseminated between management and staff. David works in collaboration with a wider network of independent professionals, in a variety of fields from human resources to environmental services, to maximise your success.

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