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David Emmanuel Noel 

David is a dedicated and consummate professional with work experience in the private, public and third sectors.  He is available for freelance and fixed-term positions, bringing expertise in the areas of public relations, business development, project management, and account management.  Successfully working for companies such as the RIBA, English Heritage, Friends of the Earth, the NSPCC, and Stroke Association, providing skills in marketing, fundraising, web design, and content management.


An RSA Fellow, and an Accredited Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, he has managed a variety of business to business initiatives, public events, and professional training initiatives for and on behalf of  UK Government departments, multinational companies, and institutes including the UKTI,  UK Sport, Sport England, NHS England, the Institute of Education and Responsible Finance (formerly the Community Development Finance Association). This is combined with over 20 years of experience in community development and regeneration initiatives, having worked with the New York Mayor’s Office, several London boroughs, and local charities.


David is also a co-founder of Occhi Arts and Entertainment, an award-winning consultancy providing PR, comms, and business support for those working in the creative industries.  For more information on art, design, and illustrative services, please visit

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Mark Vodery

Mark Vodery is an experienced communications professional and project manager. He studied Mass Communications at West Chester University. Alongside David, he was co-founder of Occhi Arts and Entertainment LLC/LTD, a  consultancy providing strategic support for creative industry professionals,  and currently works with Prudent Publishing.


He is an experienced District Manager, working with the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and headed national service projects through the Zeta Psi Pennsylvania chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. An experienced session vocalist, Mark has been involved with several New York City art projects including Feel the Music! and Make Music New York, as a performer and a facilitator.

Ina Ballik FRSA

Ina Ballik is an environmental professional with over 14 years of experience, working with multinational organisations in over 40 countries. Her keen sense of observing international negotiations, policies, and market trends combined with her remarkable adaptability to react to these external circumstances allowed her to work across a variety of international carbon market schemes as well as various management system certifications for international environmental, health, and safety standards in 14 industry sectors.

Ina offers her technical expertise in topics including but not limited to:

  • Appraisals of corporate governance frameworks

  • Environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Occupational Health & Safety KPIs

  • Corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint

  • Corporate Responsibility (CR)

  • Pilot project development and implementation

An organisation’s ability to position itself in the marketplace as ethical and sustainable is a key strategic differentiator and has a significant impact on the perceived value of a brand. In order to win the modern consumer and establish ‘brand loyalty’, organisations recognise that the provision of accurate transparent information to their stakeholders and the public about the efficiency and effectiveness of their policies and operations becomes instrumental. 


We're living in unique times. Times of unique and bountiful opportunities. We're living in times where doing the right thing is no longer an option. It's a moral imperative.  For further enquires please contact us.


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